Marketing is hard work. Fortunately, marketing automation can cut your workload in half.

If you’ve got a full-time job or have never taken a marketing course in your life, you might still be trying to figure out where to start.

And that’s okay. Truth is, if you saw how bad the first Facebook ad or email campaign I ever created was, you’d probably be embarrassed for me.

But marketing automation software wasn’t as common back then as it is today.

And those automation tools can help prevent you from making the rookie mistakes that I made back in 2013 when I was just starting out.

It’s actually never been easier to manage social media accounts, create Facebook ads, recover abandoned carts or build an email list.

So if you’re just starting out, step one is to install these 10 awesome marketing automation tools on your online store.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is when a software or tool completes a repetitive marketing or sales task instead of a person. The marketing automation definition covers anything under the marketing umbrella from chatbots to Facebook ads. The goal of marketing automation is to help businesses get more sales, leads, and customers without needing to hire a bigger team.

For example, an email marketing automation tool might send an email to your customer on your behalf at a specific time you specify. While you’ll need to write the email in advance, the tool ensures that the email is sent to every customer that meets the criteria specified automatically at the exact time you request. As a marketer, you won’t need to wait for the exact time to send out the email yourself.

Why Marketing Automation is Important

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is important for five key reasons: increasing sales, saving time, improving consistency, improved optimization and increased success.

  1. Helps increase sales: With a marketing automation platform, you can increase sales by having your tool act as your salesperson. Tools that automate the delivery of product discounts or create Facebook ads, can help you increase your sales. A human might not recognize the patterns that a machine might be able to see which allows for it to perform better than an expert.
  2. Saves you time: As your business grows marketing automation platforms can manage higher than usual volumes of work better than a team of people can. For example, a product review app will be able to send automated emails to customers who’ve received their order so that you don’t need to manually track it. Thus, giving you one less thing to worry about.
  3. Improves consistency: The hardest part of marketing is being consistent with it. Scheduling social media posts every day often gets lost as your workload gets heavier. A marketing automation platform can allow you to schedule time only a couple times to automate social media posts, create ads or other marketing tasks so that you continue to stay active and visible for your customers.
  4. Helps you better optimize your marketing: Of course, marketing automation platforms can optimize your ads based on its current performance. However, as the tools perform more tasks for more brands, it’ll eventually start to optimize your marketing with the data from a global audience to better fine tune your business’ sales growth.
  5. Allows solopreneurs a chance at success: The number of solopreneurs, people who run businesses on their own, is growing faster than ever before. When you’re just starting out it can be hard to hiring employees, especially if you’re not yet profitable. With marketing automation software tools you can complete more tasks, consistently without needing to hire a team of people to assist you.

9 Best Marketing Automation Software

Kit: Marketing Automation Tool for Ads

What is Marketing Automation

Kit is the kind of marketing automation software you’ll use when you’ve struggled to create a successful ad campaign on your own. It’s perfect for people with busy schedules or full-time jobs, especially since they’ll regularly send notifications offering you help so that you make your marketing a priority for your online store.

Kit’s artificial intelligence keeps getting smarter with each sale you receive, perfectly optimizing your product ad for the right customer. Even though I have had success creating Facebook ads on my own, I have used Kit before and know that it actually does work. The Kit team is constantly partnering with new Shopify apps like Bold to offer even more marketing features to simplify the process for you like offering to discount certain products on your store, send marketing emails, and more.

Shoelace: Marketing Automation Software for Retargeting Ads

Marketing Automation Tool

Shoelace’s retargeting automation tool creates retargeting ads that help recover abandoned carts and win back customers after they’ve left your store without purchasing. There’s a proven formula for creating retargeting ads that work and Shoelace’s team has mastered it. When I first started learning about retargeting ads, I tried out their app for fun and it definitely resulted in sales. If you have a high abandoned cart rate, you can try out their Shopify app to win back your customers once and for all. But keep in mind that your store needs to be optimized and have a professional store design for best results.

Buffer: Social Media Marketing Automation Tool

Marketing Automation Software

One of the biggest challenges with social media marketing is mastering consistency. With Buffer, you can add up to ten social media posts at a time for free which will go out automatically. So if you find you’re always forgetting to post on social media this is the marketing automation tool you’ll need to check out. My favorite feature about Buffer is the data analytics you get. You can see how many people clicked your link, your reach, and more. Buffer will also let you know what your top posts are. By looking at this data, you can better understand what works well on social to increase social media engagement.

MailChimp: Email Marketing Automation Software

Marketing Automation Tool

Are you constantly reading up about the perfect time to send emails only to forget to send them out at that exact time? MailChimp masters marketing automation by allowing you to choose the time your emails get sent out. Say you want to send an email out on Friday at 10 am but you’re working at your full-time job at that time, you can set it to that exact day and time in advance. You can also create funnels that go out automatically like abandoned cart emails.

Push Owl: Marketing Automation Tool for Push Notifications

Marketing Automation

Push Owl’s marketing automation software automates the delivery of push notifications. If you have a push notification app on your store, your customer can choose to accept which will result in a pop-up appearing on their screen when you send them updates. The best part is that they don’t need to be browsing your website to see these little notifications pop-up. If customers abandon their cart, you can send push notifications to remind them to recover it as soon as they leave your website.

Gobot: Chatbot Marketing Automation Tool

Automation Tool

Gobot has one of the trendiest marketing automation software: chatbots. If you’ve been working with your customers for a while and have a strong understanding of the common questions, you can use chatbots to help minimize the customer support work you or your team needs to do. They can collect emails, schedule meetings, and take polls all while handling your customer service. If you struggle to manage a constant flow of customer inquiries as a solopreneur, this marketing automation tool could be the biggest time saver. And with a drag and drop functionality, it’s never been easier to automate customer support.

Product Reviews Addon: Product Review Marketing Automation Software

Automation Software

Product Reviews Addon automates the process of collecting product reviews. Product reviews help prove to first time shoppers that your store is the real deal. With emails sent out to each customer after they’ve received your product, this set it and forget it marketing automation tool does all the hard work for you. As your customer base grows, so will the number of reviews your store collects. Customers are able to write their review directly in their email making this one of the most effective product review apps around.

Cobiro: Google Adwords Marketing Automation Tool

Marketing Automation Tool

Cobiro is a free marketing automation software that helps simplify the process of creating Google ads. The marketing automation app works on better optimizing your ads to deliver you a better return on investment (ROI) with every ad you create. If you’re thinking about the long-term success with your Google Adwords campaigns, this tool can help you create better ads over the span of several months and years. Whether you’re looking to automate your Google Shopping campaigns or optimize your bids, Cobiro is worth checking out if you’re looking to improve your Google ads.

Spin a Sale: Email List Builder Marketing Automation Software

Marketing Automation

Spin a Sale automates the process of building your email list and offering customers discounts. As email marketing is an effective way to generate sales, growing your email list is an important practice. This marketing automation tool gamifies the experience by offering customers a discount in return for their email address when they try to leave your store. You may even be able to generate a few sales from this app as people can use the discount code to purchase a product they were checking out.


As a dropshipper, you’re responsible for marketing and customer support which can be time consuming, especially if you’re running your business solo. Marketing automation can help save you time and make you money if executed correctly. To succeed with marketing automation software, be sure to get the upfront work done right. Maybe ask a friend, colleague or mentor to look at your initial email or push notification before committing to it. Marketing automation tools are the way of the future making your future success even easier to attain.

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