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Month: October 2017

Consistency and Discipline the Magic of Working from Home

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video. The magic jelly bean is discipline. There are many people who want to work from home. They want to be the boss. They want to run their life. People want to do what they want to do on their terms. Where they have a problem is they have no discipline. I don’t care how smart you are. I don’t care how much money you have. I don’t care about your resources or your educational credentials. If you don’t have personal discipline, you will not go where you want to go. You will not reach the levels you want to reach. It’s just simply not going to happen. At this juncture in my internet marketing career, I’ve seen some things. I’ve noticed some things. I’ve had some classes and several students. Let’s discuss hustler A and hustler B. Hustler A is very well to do. He is smart. He kind of got into the storage auction thing. Hustler B is ass out. His life is falling apart. He’s going through a divorce. He has custody issues. In the beginning, Hustler A was spanking Hustler B in the ass in terms of results and money made. Hustler A did about $15K in a month while holding down a job. Like I said, Hustler A is a hustler. Hustler B who...

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Hustlenomics #8 How to Use Technology and Advances for Business

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video. I’m an early adapter. I love technology and I embrace it. A long time ago, I lived in Clayton County and I  was the first person in the neighborhood to get DSL. I couldn’t wait. I was breathing down Bell South’s neck, which is now AT&T. You need the proper tools to evaluate technology. What this podcast will be about is how to design your own development map. I’ll give you an example. I use Ribbon for one run. Understand, when you see me put new stuff up, I’m testing to see how it works and if there are bugs. You need the proper guidelines on how to do that. If you are a reseller, you should work more on marketing, Facebook integration, blogging, and whatever you can do to sell your products. Resale is very simple in terms of payment processing. You have your merchant account. You have Square for physical transactions. You have PayPal. All that stuff is there. A traditional merchant account is even safer. There are a lot of tools out there that will enable you to collect money for services and goods sold. So, getting paid is not a problem. The biggest problem as a reseller is how to sell your stuff as fast as possible. Ribbon and Gumroad are not really going...

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The Science of Online Business Models So Many Ways to Make Money

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video. Today we are going to talk about business models. There are so many ways to make money online. This creates a big problem for many people who are trying to create an online business. If you are confused, you are not going to do anything. Confusion equates to being paralyzed for many people. If you are not really dialed into what you want to do, you could seriously waste a lot of time. Let’s talk about why people struggle. Everyone is on that path of becoming a specialist. You have people doing Facebook funnels. You have people who do Instagram. You have people who are Twitter specialist. This is the thing with social media, without a good backend, it doesn’t matter how much attention you get. With the changing landscape of the internet, you have a bunch of people who are trying to get in on what doesn’t exist. I’ve talked to a lot of people who said Twitter didn’t matter. Instagram, if you sell a physical product or you’re really good with imagery, it’s still a winner, Somebody just sent me an email saying they’d promote me on their Instagram. I may do it and may not. That’s an “iffy” business model. If you have an Instagram account, you can only do so many promotions. Instagram is...

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Hustlenomics #11 How to Prepare for the Economic Shift That Is Under Way

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video. Right now, we are in the midst of a huge, huge economic shift. In the late 90s when things were going seriously sideways for me, I had to either hustle or perish. During this time period, there were people doing amazingly well. I just wasn’t one of them. My problem was I didn’t have skill sets. I was talking to this friend of mine in a diner and I said the value of a college education is seriously in question and she said she told her daughter told that she would not pay for college if she didn’t know what the hell she wanted to do. So, it’s not just me that is questioning college degrees. The world’s changed. This is part of that economic shift. There’s a lot of talk about the great economic collapse. There’s talk about the debt ceiling. Understand, that’s never going to be paid off. That’s part of the grand plan. When JFK put the country back on the silver standard, six months later, he was dead. The economic things that are taking place right now were put into play decades ago. Real wages have dropped. You’re more educated than you’ve ever been. You have more experience. It looks like you have more money proportionately than your parents, but realistically, you have less...

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How to Stop Being Poor

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video. Today we are going to talk about how to stop being poor in America and other places. There are a few things you need to change before you can move forward. Mindset is huge. There are online businesses and physical businesses. There are service businesses and consulting businesses and there are professional services. All of these business models require different fuel to grow. People are gassed up on making big money really quickly without working that hard. That’s just not reasonable or normal. It’s not going to happen for most people. There will be superstars and unicorns who will do it. If making big money fast was the norm, then why are 70% of people in the USA poor or just barely getting by. Think about that. Let’s take some common facts. How many people do you know are broke in your personal space? How many people do you know are barely making it? Sometimes they tell you or you just know. Like, maybe their car was broken and they couldn’t drive for a week or two until they got the money together? How many people do you know that complain about a lot of monetary issues? Just consider folks you know and multiply that across the country. It is easy to get an extra $500 a month...

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