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Month: April 2018

Print On Demand Vs. AliExpress Dropshipping: Which is More Profitable?

Most dropshippers fall into two categories: print on demand vs AliExpress dropshipping. Print on demand is when you sell your own custom designs on products like mugs, t-shirts, and phone cases. AliExpress dropshipping allows you to choose from millions of products to sell. In both cases, the supplier ships products directly to your customers on your behalf. As a person who’s run both type of businesses, this article will share some of my personal experiences to help you make a better decision for your entrepreneurial ventures. What is Print On Demand? Print on Demand is when you sell your own custom designs on various different types of products. You can find print on demand t-shirts, shirts, books, and many other items. A print on demand business, just like every other business model, has its own set of pros and cons that are discussed in detail below. Print On Demand Vs AliExpress Dropshipping: Similarities While print on demand and AliExpress dropshipping have several defining differences, they also share a lot in common. Here are a few examples: They both involve dropshipping. No bulk inventory to carry. The supplier packages and ships products out directly to your customer. Order processing is mostly automated. When a customer places an order, all you need to do is click a button to send customer product details to your supplier. A print on demand business...

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The Beginner’s Guide to Boosting Sales With Google Shopping Ads

You need more customers. And, you need to acquire them at an acceptable cost. Because, if you can’t do those two things? …well, let’s not go there. Firstly then, how do you acquire more customers? Well, one proven method is Google Shopping.  This leading ecommerce traffic source accounts for over 16% of overall ecommerce site sales. That’s huge. But, it’s hardly surprising when you consider that Google processes over 66.5k search queries every second. Still, that’s not all… Secondly, can you use Google Shopping to acquire customers at an acceptable cost that leaves you with a profit? In a word? Yes. Brett Curry, CEO of OMG Commerce, averaged a 300-600% return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) across the campaigns he managed last year. Would you be willing to spend $1 and get $3-$6 in sales? I’m willing to bet you would. So, how do you do it? In this article, you’ll learn exactly what Google Shopping is, how it works, and how to get started with your first campaign. Okay, buckle up. What is Google Shopping? Google Shopping ads are also known as Product Listing Ads or PLAs. And, they’re displayed when a user searches for a product on Google. They appear at the top of the search results, or on the top-right of the page: Google Shopping ads can also be found under the ‘Shopping’ tab. Part of the reason these ads can...

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How to Start Your Own Clothing Business

People across the globe are ready to start their own businesses and work on something that they’re truly invested in. In fact, it’s a dream for many – people want to work for themselves. They want to set their own working hours. They want to earn their own money. They want to be entrepreneurs. And trust me, creating a business that you’re proud of is an amazing feeling. But, if we’re being honest, getting started with a business is the hardest part about being an entrepreneur. I know that you’ve already got a ton of great business ideas, but it can be tough to implement them, especially if it’s your first time doing this. That’s why I’ve put together this guide that’ll show you how to start your own clothing business today. In this guide I’m going to create a brand new women’s clothing business, and document every step of the way so you can follow along. At the end of this guide you’ll know everything that you need to turn those dreams of becoming an entrepreneur into a reality. Okay, there’s a lot to cover, so let’s jump into it! Deciding What Clothing to Sell When you’re starting your own clothing business, deciding what products you’re going to sell is a crucial moment in your journey. And it’s not one that should be rushed. It’s important that you...

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Dropshipping Niches That Are Steady, Not Trendy

Imagine having a dropshipping store already built, with ads in place and SEO thoroughly locked down, when search volume for “fidget spinners” did this: Anticipating that spike would have led to huge revenue – in the same way that winning the lottery leads to huge revenue. Instead of crossing our fingers in hopes of catching the next fidget spinner, let’s look at some more reliable and, alas, likelier scenarios for building a profitable dropshipping store. We dug into some data to identify the dropshipping niches that have had the most sustained success over the past few years. Not the dropshipping niches with the hottest trends. Instead, the ones that have been the most consistent. Whether you’re a budding dropshipper or an experienced store owner eyeing something new, you can use this data to explore ideas, products, and strategies that tap into the most enduring niches. Finding the Best Dropshipping Niches Here’s how we identified the dropshipping niches with the most sustained success. Step 1: Collect data about sales made with Oberlo since 2016, and divide those sales into categories. “Categories” come at this level: And some more categories: Step 2: Apply these time filters: January 1, 2016 – December 31, 2016 January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017 January 1, 2018 – April 25, 2018 (Clearly the 2018 data is lighter than the other years… but we just couldn’t wait.)...

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