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Author: CoffeeShop Hustle

An Inside Look at the Mindset of a Successful Entrepreneur

Jordan Bourque is optimistic. “I definitely think anyone can learn to be an entrepreneur.” And you can take it from someone like him. With no previous experience, he’s grown his outdoor hobby ecommerce store into an enviable success. He built his business on a lean budget, using the dropshipping business model. This model allows him to operate without any investment in inventory, meaning that it was easier to get his business off the ground quickly. In one year, Jordan’s store has generated over $100,000 in revenue and has processed over 10,000 sales. In one month alone, he was able to pull in $20,000 in sales. During our chat, his phone constantly buzzes ‘ka-ching!’ as another order comes through. Jordan has always felt passionate about entrepreneurship. “I would say to myself when I was early on in university, ‘One day I am going to start a business.’ I just had no idea what, and I had no direction on where to go.” But it wasn’t until his last semester of studying business at university that he decided it was time to take the plunge. “I started to feel that pressure of you either have to get a job, or go back to school, or figure out a way to make money.” After stumbling upon a Shopify dropshipping video online, his entrepreneurial tendencies kicked in. “A spark went off in my...

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20 Fatal Online Business Etiquette Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Oscar Wilde said, “The world was my oyster but I used the wrong fork.” Simply? Business etiquette matters. A lot. What’s more, many relationships today exist entirely online. So, without helpful non-verbal cues like body language, the chances of making a faux pas are that much greater. And, the stakes are high. Peter Post, director of The Emily Post Institute, said, “Other people’s opinions matter and in the professional world — their perception of you will be critical to your success.” Bottom-line? Etiquette helps to build relationships, and good relationships are vital to your business success. Associate Justice of The Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas, said, “Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.” So, how do you avoid damaging these all-important relationships? In this article, we share 20 fatal online business etiquette mistakes to avoid — and what you can do instead. Let’s jump right in! General Professionalism and Business Etiquette Business Etiquette Mistake #1: Failing to Adapt You have to know your audience. Because the way you communicate should very much depend on who you’re communicating with. In other words: Emails to your customers and Tinder messages should read very differently… Workplace expert and author Lindsey Pollak, says, “Write for the person who will be reading it — if they tend to be very polite and formal, write in that language. The same goes for a...

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How to Create a Product Validation Spreadsheet

When starting a dropshipping business, the last thing you want to do is build a store around a totally unvalidated product idea. You might love sculptural incense burners. You might think it sounds fun to sell oversized stuffed animals.   You might feel the world needs another store selling aquarium accessories. And you know what? You might be right. But you also might be completely wrong. And, if that’s the case, a few hundred dollars poorer. Luckily, there’s a way to find out whether a product will be successful without actually importing or selling the product. It’s called product validation. In this article, you’ll learn what product validation is. You’ll also learn how to create a product validation spreadsheet that you can use to determine whether a product has a strong chance of selling. To save time, you can also download my own product validation spreadsheet below. It’s 100% free. Download the Product Validation Spreadsheet Either way, read on to find out how to use a product validation spreadsheet to build a better dropshipping store. What is Product Validation? Product validation is a research process. It’s a method of collecting different data points and using those data points to determine whether a product has a good chance of selling. Product validation doesn’t guarantee that a given product will fly off the proverbial shelf – that depends on how much work you...

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The Secret to Pricing Your Products

Have you ever found a popular product and marketed it, only to end up with no sales? It’s a gut-wrenching feeling that makes you second guess yourself. Did my marketing strategy fall flat? Have I chosen the wrong product? Should I have gotten someone to review my store? There’s a number of factors that can negatively impact your store’s financial success. Fortunately, one of those factors is easy to fix: change your price. In case this is your first week joining in, I’m currently on a mission to build a new online store from scratch. In week one, I picked the perfect dropshipping niche. I’m super excited that I’ll be selling a fun, DIY product: letter boards. Week two was all about sharing my step by step process for setting up a Shopify store for the first time and picking the right theme for my niche. During the third week of this series I added products to my store and ordered product samples from my suppliers. By the time week four rolled around my product samples arrived. And I was pleasantly surprised with how much care suppliers put into packaging their products. My customers are going to love these letter boards! During week five, a family member died and it completely derailed this whole project. But I still managed to shoot my own product photos for only $25. Last...

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How to Turn a Side-Hustle Into an Adventure Around the World

When Karolis Rimkus dials into our video call, he’s looking particularly relaxed. It’s early in the morning in Louisiana where he’s dialling in from, so it could be the result of a good night’s sleep. Or, it could be that this is the look of someone who has just spent the last eight months traveling the world. Karolis, who is from Lithuania, is in the US winding down his journey with his wife. The trip was financed almost entirely with the money he earned with his dropshipping store, which he ran as a side-hustle while working full-time. For the past seven years, the 9-5 defined Karolis’ life. He worked in media companies and marketing departments, always using his skills to help grow other people’s businesses. “I was always doing a job for someone else, there was nothing of my own that I had,” he says. Then in early 2017, Karolis and his wife decided to was time to make a change. They hatched a plan together to save enough money so they could quit their jobs and leave for a three month trip around Asia. Well, in the end, things turned out a little better than that. Karolis’ business helped him save enough to turn their three-month trip into a eight-month venture that took them around the world. They visited China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand (again), Cambodia, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Japan,...

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