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Author: CoffeeShop Hustle

Blog Design Inspiration: 20 Ecommerce Blog Page Examples

Do you want to add a blog to your online store? Consider this: Over half of B2C marketers using content marketing can confirm an increase in sales thanks to their content. If you’re ready to start blogging, then you’re in need of some inspiration. In this post, we’re going to showcase 20 ecommerce blogs that you can use as a starting point for blog design inspiration, content ideas, and more. How to Start a Blog on Shopify If you’re just getting started with blogging, you’ll be happy to know that you can manage your blog using Shopify. Many free and paid Shopify themes have a blog (also referred to as articles, a journal, or the news section) so your blog matches the look of your online store. To create your first blog post and manage your blog in Shopify, go to your online store under the Sales Channels menu and click on the Blog Posts link. Click on the Create blog post to create your first and future blog posts. While you can manage your blog using Shopify, some ecommerce store owners manage their blog using CMS systems like WordPress or social blogging platforms like Tumblr. If you choose to use another system to manage your blog, be sure that you are able to find a theme that matches your online store so that visitors who go from your...

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How to Nail Your Email Subject Lines

If you’re anything like me, your email inbox probably looks like a disaster area. I’ve actually got several email accounts, and each one of them is bombarded with a ton of emails every single day. The emails come from all angles too – on a typical day I could receive a newsletter, transaction email, and a promotional email all within the space of 20 minutes. I don’t even open half of them. They just sit there collecting dust in my inbox. But, why? I check my email inbox religiously every single morning, and even still I just can’t bring myself to open all of them. Well, it looks like I fall into the 47% of email recipients who choose to open emails based on their subject lines. So, if you want to send email campaigns which your audience actually open, email subject lines are so important. That’s exactly why we’ve put this article together – today we’re going to be looking at the best ways to nail your email subject lines. After all, 47% of your audience is huge. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced email marketer, or a total beginner, at the end of this article you’ll have some great tactics that you can use to come up with catchy email subject lines for your brand. Okay, there’s a lot to cover, so let’s jump into it!...

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The Instagram Algorithm: An Ecommerce Guide

Social media platforms are notoriously secretive about their algorithms. That said, Instagram algorithm paranoia is next level. When Facebook make an algorithm change, for example, there is a big post from Mark Zuckerberg, backed up with additional details from a bigwig like, oh, the Head of News Feed. Meanwhile, when Instagram makes an algorithm change, we get an anonymous, nine-sentence update on Instagram’s Tumblr. (And we’re including “Learn more in the Help Center” as one of those nine sentences.) But even if the Instagram algorithm is treated like a nuclear launch code, we do know some stuff about it. This post will break it all down. We’ll look at: Why Instagram built their algorithm the way they did How to use Facebook Business Manager to launch Instagram campaigns How Instagram uses Facebook data to place ads And finally, how to get the most out of Instagram marketing How Does Instagram Work? The Instagram algorithm uses a combination of time- and relevance-based factors to determine what you see on the photo-sharing platform. As a result, feeds are not purely chronological, and instead also account for the likelihood that users will be interested in certain content. Before we go on, let’s quickly clarify what we mean with “Instagram algorithm.” We don’t know for sure (because of course Instagram would never tell us), but there are presumably numerous algorithms fueling Instagram. For...

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How to Repost on Instagram: A Masterclass for Dropshipping Hustlers

Consistently sharing great content can be tough. You know what I mean… you’re posting on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Snapchat… but, the worst part? You can’t let up. Not if you want to harness the awesome power of these channels. And let’s face it: you do. Take Instagram. It has 800 million users. And, a massive 80 percent of those users follow a business on Instagram. What’s more, 68 percent of these followers regularly engage with brands. That’s huge alone. But, there’s more… A whopping 30 percent of Instagram users have purchased a product that they first discovered on Instagram. Excited yet? You should be. Alright, so you want a piece of that action. But to get it, you need to consistently post great content — which takes time. Time that you don’t have. So, what can you do? Learn how to repost on Instagram. But, don’t stop there. If you want real results, you also need to learn how to leverage user-generated content to help you hustle your way to Instagram success. In this post you’ll learn: The deadly mistakes to avoid when reposting How to keep yourself on the right side of the law How to repost on Instagram manually, and using an app A simple way to repost images and videos What user-generated content is and why it’s so powerful How to leverage user-generated content...

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How This 21-Year-Old Found Winning Products and Grew His Beard Grooming Brand

One year ago, life for Paul Lee was very different. He was studying art at college in the US, and working 9-5 in a restaurant server job. He hated it. When the restaurant was slow, he’d spend his time reading business books. At home, he’d watch hours of online videos about starting your own business, what it’s like to work at home, and being your own boss. He wanted something more. “All throughout school, and all throughout my 9-5 jobs, I always felt like I was wasting my time. I was never in control, I was always stuck within a structure, always working for somebody else.” Since then he’s built his beard grooming ecommerce store, HUSKYBEARD, into a six-figure business. He’s quit his job, quit college, and is thinking of his future in a different way. Paul’s journey with beards started when he decided to grow one himself. Wanting to do things right, he dove deep into the world of the beard. He learned about trimming techniques, the issues of tangling and dryness that can come with a beard, as well as the importance of proper hydration for your follicles. He mingled with the hairy-faced community on Instagram, finding his way into a group that he discovered were close-knit and wildly passionate about showing off their facial fur. Seeing The Potential For New Products The more he learned about...

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