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Author: CoffeeShop Hustle

How to Create The Ideal Work Environment

Work. There’s no doubt that we all need to do it at some point. But, there’s something interesting going on in workplaces across the world – and it’s something that you’ve surely noticed yourself. People in one office can be blissful and content during work hours, while the very next building could be full of people who are hating every second of the workday and can’t wait to get home. But, why is this? Well, there are a lot of factors that affect people’s happiness, productivity, and longevity at a specific company, but one very important aspect is the work environment. In an ideal world, the work environment at a company should be set up to make sure that every person has the means to operate at peak performance. There are a long list of desirable work environment qualities including trust from management, openness to new ideas or initiatives, and team spirit, to name a few. But, the harsh reality is: not every company is like this. In fact, some companies have toxic work environments – and that’s something which you really want to avoid. Heck, it isn’t only limited towards people working in a company too – you might find that you’re working in a toxic work environment even if you’re a freelancer and you’re working from home. And, the real issue is that a lot of people only...

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How to Take Product Photos for Under $25

The entrepreneurial journey is filled with ups and downs. You get your first sale and you’re euphoric. Or you get your first refund and you’re bummed out for the rest of the day. If this is your first time joining us in this series, I’ve set out to build an online dropshipping business. Each week, I walk you through the steps of building an online store. In week 1, I showed you my process on how to choose a niche. In that first week, I told you that ‘anything can go wrong.’ When I wrote that I figured it’d be a product quality issue or I’d get a really angry email or the product I chose didn’t sell. Unfortunately, what happened was far more unpredictable and devastating than I could’ve ever imagined. I was completely blindsided. And I honestly thought about scrapping the rest of this case study. But before I get into that, let’s make sure you’re all caught up with the whole journey so far. In week 2, I dived into setting up your Shopify store. I went over the basics of creating your account, choosing your name and picking a theme. In week 3, I chose products to sell and walked you through the process of ordering product samples. Last week, the products I ordered arrived and I showed you what they looked like. Aside from...

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10 Trending Dropshipping Products to Sell in Summer 2018

You’re all set to dive into dropshipping. There’s just one problem: You don’t know what to sell. With so many products out there and seemingly endless competition, it can feel overwhelming, to say the least. What’s more, you can’t afford to get it wrong. A great product will get you off to a great start, but what if you choose a bad product? Well, best-case scenario, you still make money but everything is far more difficult than it needs to be. Worst case scenario… well, let’s not go there. So what should you sell? In this article, you’ll find out about 10 trending dropshipping products to sell in Summer 2018. Plus, I’ve also included some basic Facebook ad targeting tips to get you started. And make sure you stick around to the end of this article, where you’ll learn a simple way to find trending products. That way, if you’re not interested in these products, you’ll be able to find other hot product opportunities for yourself! Okay, before we dive in: What Makes a Good Dropshipping Product? Most good dropshipping products share similar attributes. When researching potential dropshipping products, keep in mind these five criteria: 1. The product’s cost allows for a healthy markup. ‘Markup’ is the amount of money a business adds to a product’s base cost to cover overheads and earn a profit. For example, it’ll be...

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Voice Search: What This Game-Changing Tech Means for Ecommerce

To date, the only thing that voice search has really disrupted is Santa’s 2017 inventory. But if we need evidence that voice search will be a big deal – like, smartphone big – look no further than the companies joining the voice search party: Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Alibaba have all released smart speakers. When the four most valuable companies in the world jump on something, and then No. 9 joins as well, you know it’s set to pop. So we need to take it seriously when we read that by 2020, half of all internet searches will be voice searches. Or that between now and 2022, voice shopping will experience 1,900 percent growth. Or that within a couple years, 30 percent of browsing sessions won’t involve a screen. “Voice commerce represents the next major disruption in the retail industry,” John Franklin, an associate partner at consulting firm OC&C, said in a release. “And just as e-commerce and mobile commerce changed the retail landscape, shopping through smart speaker promises to do the same.” Convinced voice search is a big deal? Good. This post will break it all down: What are the different types of voice search devices available today? What do people use smart speakers for? How big of an impact is this having on ecommerce? What can ecommerce stores do now to prepare for the looming voice search explosion?...

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I Ordered Product Samples. And This Is What I Got.

Over the years, I’ve heard so many negative things about the product quality on AliExpress. ‘The products are cheap,’ ‘it’s a scam,’ and ‘don’t buy Chinese products.’ Sorry to break this to you, but literally almost everything you own is made in China. So to assume that AliExpress doesn’t have some great products, you’re simply mistaken. No matter where you shop, you’re bound to find products that are higher quality and lower quality. I recently bought a skipping rope on Amazon that had its handles break on the first day. But to completely discredit an online retailer that has countless suppliers, is uncalled for. So I set out to find quality products that I can sell on my store. For those joining me this week for the first time, I’ve currently set out on a mission to build a new online store from scratch. On week one, I walked through the step by step process on how to choose a niche and I decided to sell letter boards. During week two, I shared the exact steps I took to set up my Shopify store for the first time. I also walked through the process on how to choose a theme. During week three, I chose products to sell on my store and even ordered samples from AliExpress to do a quality check. But what I didn’t tell you is...

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