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Building a Business or Pimping Out Your 401K

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video. People are always asking me questions about how they should invest. I am not a financial adviser, but I can tell you how I feel about that. People asked me what they should do and where they should put their money. Let’s get into it. Should you invest in a business or pimp out your 401K? I’m going to give you my experience and invite you to take from it what you will. When I was investing heavily, I noticed something. I was doing really well because I was living on 50% of my income at the time. I did build up a large portfolio which I did have to liquidate to pay off a huge fucking loan. The reason my portfolio was doing so well wasn’t because it was appreciating; it was from contributions. You should really know that. There are some people who will start investing today and have a million or two million in five years. That’s not me. I’m not comfortable with it. I lost all of my interest in the downturn. I got a little bit of it back. For me, I don’t like it. There are some of you who are real comfortable. You want to invest your 401K. Knock yourself out. I did it. Now, I’m on a different path. I...

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How You Can Make BIG MONEY Selling Information Online (How I Make Money)

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video. The first time I put a blog together, it took me weeks. I was just pulling my hair out. It was like, do something and search, do something and search. That brings me to another point about buying something in Hustle school. I know I can help reduce your learning curve if you’re a beginner. That’s really who I talk to. For you seasoned hustling pros, I’ve got a question for you. Has income gone up, stayed the same or gone down in the last few years? If your income has not gone up year after year, you are hustling backwards. Back in 2012, I fell for the social media Kool Aid and it was one of the worst years I had since I’ve been doing this. I still made a profit, but I took my eyes off the ball. I stopped doing things that made me successful. If you’re looking at hustling, but have no clue what to do, you need Hustle Camp. If you are making money but can’t make more money, you need Hustle Camp. If you are making more money every month, you don’t need Hustle Camp. More than likely, you aren’t watching videos because you are so busy making money you don’t have time. That’s the reality. I keep forgetting that many people...

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10 Tax Tips for Bloggers

Updated January 13, 2018 Yay for taxes! Fun, right? Well, not super fun, but I do appreciate things like the library, roads and fire fighters, so I gladly do the tax thing. I remember the days when I could do my taxes in about 20 minutes flat. Get the W-2, fill out the EZ form […]

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