So, you wanna get your first sale before your free Shopify trial ends?

This isn’t the time to come up with an idea for a publicity stunt or create an elaborate marketing plan.

This is the time for creativity, high impact and quick turnaround.

It’s not about getting rich quick, it’s about proof of concept.

Did you choose the right niche and products?

Let’s find out!

These are all the ways that either I or one of my colleagues have gotten the coveted first sale. So do they actually work? You bet.

How to Get Your First Sale in Two Weeks

#1. Get Your First Sale by Building Your Audience Before the Store

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I used to run a print on demand dog store but before I started the store, I started building the audience. Every day for about three months I’d post dog pictures and videos on Instagram. It wasn’t until I had a few thousand followers that I actually decided to start building the store. Once the store was built, I was able to get a few sales by creating product posts directly to my audience. But the success came from building the audience before I started building the store so getting those first few sales could happen right away. Check out How to Get Followers on Instagram to learn how to grow your Instagram account to 10k followers.

#2. How Retargeting Ads Can Help You Get Your First Sale

When I was dropshipping products in the fitness niche, I wanted to get sales fast. We didn’t have an audience built up first but we wanted immediate sales. I had just heard about how effective retargeting blog content was and wanted to test it out to see if I could actually land sales that way.

I didn’t want to play the patience game, I wanted to get proof of concept. So I wrote a few blog posts that featured influencer quotes. Niche influencers who had a big audience had an entire page featuring their quotes. Before I started promoting my posts on social media, I created a retargeting ad. Since the ad was running, I started reaching out to all the influencers on Twitter tagging them the link of the article hoping for a retweet. Not everyone retweeted it, but enough did that I got my first few sales with this tactic.

#3. Getting Your First Sale by Paying an Influencer

You can get your first sale with a little bit of influencer marketing. This strategy isn’t about sending a product to an influencer and hoping they’ll convert their audience. It’s about reaching out to a bunch of influencers and paying for a shoutout. You can create your own graphic or send them a picture to repost on their Instagram account. You’ll want to make sure that the picture is Instagram appropriate. Meaning that it’s not just a model wearing an outfit on a white background. It has to look like it belongs on Instagram. You can then ask the influencer to post about how she wants it or how cool it is. Look at past posts to see what other product posts have been like. You can then offer the influencer an affiliate commission for sales or pay their flat rate. Since you don’t have to send products, you’ll be able to do this with a few influencers without having to pay for product costs allowing you to keep a lower budget. When I tried this strategy for my store, the page I posted to charged me $35 per post and resulted in dozens of sales. My picture? It was just a phone case on a colored background that I designed in Canva. Sounds basic, but it worked.

getting your first sale with infuencer marketing

#4. Using a Giveaway to Get Your First Sale

One of my friends had tried making money with giveaways on her store. And it worked. Essentially, she’d host a giveaway on her website for a chance to win a product on the store. There were multiple ways to get entries such as sharing on social media, referring friends and more. The giveaway drew countless participants. After one week, a winner was declared. However, emails were also sent to all the runner-ups saying that they’ve won a runner up prize. The prize? A $5 gift card to your store. You need to make sure that your product pricing is high enough that you’ll still make a profit with the gift card. And make sure people can’t score free products with your gift card which can put you at a loss.

#5. Using Buy and Sell Groups to Get Your First Sale

You can get your first sale online on Facebook groups. You can add keywords like ‘fashion buy and sell groups’ in your Facebook search bar to find groups where you can sell products. Both myself and my boyfriend have personally sold products in these groups successfully. We’ve also bought products from them too. People join these groups with the expectation that they’ll either be buying or selling on them so people don’t feel like they’re being sold to. They actually want to find great products to buy.

get your first sale with buy and sell groups

There are also niche Facebook groups that allow you to sell certain types of products. For example, one niche group page allowed me to sell any products within the niche as long as they weren’t t-shirts. The group wasn’t a traditional buy and sell group more like a fan page but product posts were allowed in the group. I was also able to add my store link as well so people could buy directly from the product page.

#6. How Advertising Can Help You Get Your First Sale

If you need instant gratification and want the best chances of getting your first sale in your first two weeks, advertising is what will likely help you convert best. In my article, I Spent $191,480.74 on Facebook Ads. Here’s What I Learned., I breakdown all the tactics that I’ve used to get sales with Facebook ads. If you’re dropshipping products, you can target a Worldwide audience. If you only want to sell products via ePacket, you can choose to only include a list of countries that have ePacket shipping on your ad. I found removing countries like the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom helped make the ad more effective and affordable. You’d then create four separate ads for the remaining countries. You’ll need to experiment quite a bit with Facebook ads to yield the results you want. Test out the products that have high order volume first. You’ll need to create several $5 ads when starting out to find out which product is your winner. Once you’ve figured out what your best seller product is, you’ll need to experiment with different targeting options. And even then, you’ll need to continue creating more ads to find even more best-selling products.


These six ideas will help you increase the odds of getting your first sale before your free trial ends. However, as your business starts to grow, you’ll need to experiment with more advanced tactics to continue scaling your business. Feel free to check out my free ebook 50 Ways to Get Sales with Dropshipping. There’s no other online marketing ebook that gives such an in-depth look at marketing hacks. I literally share all my secrets and regularly update it with new marketing ideas.

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